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Rigid Box Forming Machine Wholesale Production

A LS-F6 is a rigid box forming machine, This machine can pruducts the rigid boxes in batches. It can complete side wrapping, edge folding, tucking and air compression at the same time, which is suitable for wrapping all kinds of rigid boxes, such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, perfume boxes and more.
  • LS-F6

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LS-F6 is a semi-automatic box forming machine, it can be used for forming various boxes, and the range of formed boxes is between 460*380*150mm and 80*65*10mm. F6 can be used together with the gluing machine. When the box is manually placed on the gluing machine and the surface paper, it is picked up and placed on the F6 abrasive tool. The F6 can press the box and the surface paper to form a perfect box.

F6 needs to manually adjust the parameters of the grinding tool and the distance between the foam plates on both sides.


F6 is one of our company's main products. Many customers have given satisfactory feedback on our products, and the machine can still be used after ten years. For printing companies, our company's products are a xing'ji


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