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Semi-automatic Gift Box Watch Box Perfume Box Various Rigid Box Bubble Pressing Machine

LS-YP-5 is a new type of flattening correction equipment specially used to solve the problems of air bubbles, shrinkage, wrinkles, deformation and other problems on the bonding surface after the carton is made and formed. The advent of the bubble press solves the traditional manual scraping and rubbing, which is slow, labor-intensive and rough in precision. The use of the foam press ensures that the carton has the excellent characteristics and precision after forming.
  • LS-YP-5

  • longxingsheng

Semi-automatic Gift Box Watch Box Perfume Box Various Rigid Box Bubble Pressing Machine

A semi-automatic pressing machine is a versatile equipment that combines both manual and automated processes to assist operators in the pressing or forming of materials. It offers a range of automated features while still requiring some manual intervention. Here are some key details about a typical semi-automatic pressing machine:



Motor power


Air pressure


Working speed


Max box size


Min box size


Machine dimension


Machine weight


  1. Operation: In the case of a semi-automatic pressing machine, an operator is responsible for manually loading and unloading the material. However, the pressing process itself, including the application of pressure, is automated for greater efficiency and consistency.

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  2. Hydraulic System: Similar to fully automated pressing machines, semi-automatic models often utilize a hydraulic system to generate the necessary pressing force. This hydraulic system consists of components such as a hydraulic pump, cylinders, valves, and pipes that transmit hydraulic fluid to exert pressure on the material.

  3. Automated Pressure Control: Semi-automatic pressing machines are equipped with automated pressure control features. These features allow the operator to conveniently set and adjust the desired pressure level through the control panel or other user interfaces. The machine then applies the specified pressure automatically during the pressing process, ensuring precision and repeatability.

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  4. Size and Capacity: The size and capacity of a semi-automatic pressing machine vary depending on the specific model and intended application. The capacity is typically measured in terms of the maximum force the machine can exert, often expressed in tons or kilonewtons. It's important to consider the required capacity based on the materials and tasks involved.

It's worth noting that the features and capabilities of semi-automatic pressing machines may vary among manufacturers and different models. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the product specifications and documentation provided by the manufacturer for specific details regarding a particular machine.


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