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Semi-automatic Gift & Watch & Ring & Perfume Box Making Machine

A LS-F6 is a rigid box forming machine, This machine can pruducts the rigid boxes in batches. It can complete side wrapping, edge folding, tucking and air compression at the same time, which is suitable for wrapping all kinds of rigid boxes, such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, perfume boxes and more.
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LS-F6 Rigid Box Making Machine

About LS-F6 Machine

LS-F6 is a semi-automatic box forming machine. The largest box size of this machine is 430*380*120mm, and the smallest box size is 80*65*10mm. Not only that, F6 also has an enlarged model. Larger boxes can be made, the maximum size is 600*400*150mm, and the minimum size can be 100*80*15mm. For box makers, this machine can meet all their box size needs.

Machine model            



Max box size          



Min box size            



Motor power                



Working speed            

≤28 pcs/min

≤28 pcs/min

Air pressure                

10L/min  0.6MPa

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension                      



Machine weight            



LS-F6 Tiandi box folding machine is used to wrap the tape on the glued box. Hemming, folding (≤50mm), and air pressure pressing are completed in one go. Pneumatics and compressed air are used to drive the machines. The machine is set up manually and takes about 15 minutes. Perfect equipment quantity orders to meet the various needs of customers. Especially for customers who pursue higher quality products.

The shortest time to complete a box is 1.7 seconds. For some boxes, the machine's top speed can reach 30pcs/min.

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Our company's customers have given high praise to this machine. This machine uses Jinou high-precision double guide rails to run smoothly and double protection protection devices, which not only improves efficiency, but also reduces errors and accidents in the production process. risks of.

Over the years, the packaging industry has undergone tremendous development and the demand for high-quality packaging solutions has increased significantly. The introduction of automated packaging machines has made it easier to mass-produce packaged products while maintaining a high level of quality. One of the machines is a multi-functional full-automatic box making machine, which is popular with customers all over the world.


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