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Semi-automatic Manual Setting Rigid Box Forming Making Machine

A LS-F6 is a rigid box forming machine, This machine can pruducts the rigid boxes in batches. It can complete side wrapping, edge folding, tucking and air compression at the same time, which is suitable for wrapping all kinds of rigid boxes, such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, perfume boxes and more.
  • LS-F6

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Semi-automatic Manual Setting Rigid Box Forming Making Machine

A rigid box forming machine is a piece of equipment used to make rigid boxes, which can convert cardboard, cardboard, or other rigid materials into formed boxes. These machines are commonly used in the packaging industry to produce high-quality gift boxes, packaging boxes, shoe boxes and other products. Here are some key details about rigid box forming machines:

Machine model            



Max box size          



Min box size            



Motor power                



Working speed            

≤28 pcs/min

≤28 pcs/min

Air pressure                

10L/min  0.6MPa

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension                      



Machine weight            



How it works: Rigid box forming machines transform flat sheet material into box shapes through a series of automated steps. These steps typically include processes such as material loading, folding, gluing, and lamination.

Automation features: Rigid box forming machines come with a variety of automation features, including:

Material loading: The machine can automatically feed flat material into the forming area, usually through a feeding system.

Folding: The machine will fold the material into the shape of a box according to a preset folding method, usually equipped with a folding device and a guide system.


Gluing: The machine automatically applies glue or adhesive to hold the edges and seams of the box together. Typically a spray glue or glue application system is used.

Press-fitting: The machine applies pressure to ensure the adhesive holds firmly and gives the box a more stable shape. This is usually achieved by a laminating device or rollers.

Box shape adaptability: Rigid box forming machines can produce boxes of many different shapes and sizes. By adjusting the machine settings and changing the mold, boxes of different sizes can be manufactured, such as square, rectangular, round or special-shaped boxes.

ff6 (1)

Control System: The rigid box forming machine is equipped with an advanced control system for setting and monitoring various parameters such as box size, folding method, glue application amount and lamination pressure, etc. Control systems often have user-friendly interfaces such as touch screens or digital displays.

Quick mold change: In order to adapt to the production of different types of boxes, rigid box forming machines usually have the ability to quickly change molds. This means molds can be quickly changed to accommodate the production of boxes of different sizes and shapes.

Operational safety: Rigid box forming machines are often equipped with safety devices to ensure operator safety. This includes protective covers, safety light curtains, emergency stop buttons and safety doors, etc.

Maintenance and Care: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your machine in good operating condition. Maintenance tasks include cleaning the machine, lubricating moving parts, replacing worn parts and regularly checking the functionality of the control system.


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