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Semi-automatic Perfume & Phone & Watch & Computer Box Making Machine

A LS-F6 is a rigid box forming machine, This machine can pruducts the rigid boxes in batches. It can complete side wrapping, edge folding, tucking and air compression at the same time, which is suitable for wrapping all kinds of rigid boxes, such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, perfume boxes and more.
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LS-F6 Rigid Box Making Machine

About LS-F6 Machine

The LS-F6 is a semi-automatic folder former designed to meet the needs of box makers by offering flexibility in carton sizes and the ability to produce various types of boxes.

Machine model            



Max box size          



Min box size            



Motor power                



Working speed            

≤28 pcs/min

≤28 pcs/min

Air pressure                

10L/min  0.6MPa

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension                      



Machine weight            



Here are the key features and capabilities of the LS-F6:

Carton size range: LS-F6 can make the maximum size of the box is 430*380*120mm, the minimum carton size is 80*65*10mm. In addition, F6 also has an enlarged version, the maximum size of the production box is 600*400*150mm, and the minimum size is 100*80*15mm. The wide range of carton sizes allows the production of cartons of various sizes.

Rich types of boxes: LS-F6 can make a variety of boxes, including ring boxes, mobile phone boxes, computer boxes, perfume boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. This versatility enables packaging box manufacturers to meet the needs of different industries and product types, expanding their product range.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC OPERATION: The LS-F6 is a semi-automatic machine, which means it combines manual and automatic processes. While some steps may require human intervention, machines assist in the folding and forming of cartons, reducing labor and increasing efficiency.

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Compatibility with folder-gluers: The LS-F6 works with a folder-gluer, a machine that applies adhesive and folds carton flaps to form sealed boxes. When used in conjunction with a folder-gluer, the LS-F6 enhances the box-making process, ensuring precise folding and gluing for professional, safe box assembly.

LS-F6 enables box manufacturers to produce boxes of different sizes and types to meet different needs of customers. Whether small or large carton sizes or a variety of box designs, this machine offers flexibility and efficiency in the box making process.

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Multifunctional operation: The LS-F6 machine can complete the processes of hemming, folding and air compression at one time, which greatly improves the production efficiency and work efficiency.

Simple operation: The machine adopts manual setting, which is easy and convenient to operate. The setup time is about 15 minutes without complicated debugging and adjustments.

High-speed operation: The LS-F6 machine has a fast production speed, which can complete the production of a box in the shortest time, and the maximum speed can reach 30 pieces/minute.

Quality assurance: The machine is manufactured with high-quality materials and parts to ensure the stability and reliability of the product and meet the customer's requirements for high-quality products.

Multi-model selection: LS-F6 provides 2-fold and 4-fold models. According to different production needs and box sizes, customers can choose the appropriate model.

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Application fields:

LS-F6 semi-automatic hard box forming machine is widely used in the packaging industry of various boxes. Whether it is a high-end jewelry box, fashion shoe box, exquisite gift box or mobile phone box, etc., LS-F6 can meet the packaging needs of different industries. Its efficient and precise operation makes the production process smoother and improves the appearance quality and market competitiveness of the product.


LS-F6 semi-automatic hard box forming machine is a powerful, efficient and reliable packaging equipment. Its advanced technology and innovative design make the production process simpler and faster, while ensuring the quality and stability of the product. Whether it is a small-scale order or mass production, LS-F6 can meet the needs of customers and is an ideal choice for your packaging line.


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