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Semi-automatic Rigid Box Visual Positioning Machine for Hard Cover Lining Manufacturer

This machine is used for making boxes and leather cases(hardcover making). There are three parts in total, paper feeding part, leather case paper feeding part, and visual positioning part. The work is efficient and fast.
  • LS-450PLUS

  • Longxingsheng


Box Packing Machine For Rigid Box Making, Book Cover Making And Paper Lining. This machine is also called as gluing and spotter machine. It can finish paper gluing and pasting box on the glued paper automatically, which is widely used for rigid box making, book cover machine, paper lining and even album making.

LS-450plus is a multi-function visual positioning machine. It is able to positioning the rigid box and hardcover. also can do paper lining, one machine with many functions, and the working model is able to be changed by one button. The visual positioning system is able to be upgraded. Moreover, this machine also can be upgraded to an automatic line in the future if needed.

Equipped with dual cameras, the cameras are located on both sides of the central position of the conveyor belt. The camera position has been calibrated before leaving the factory. If there is any deviation, you can adjust the camera position by adjusting the upper camera "mounting plate". After the camera takes a picture, the system recognizes the color difference of the photo for positioning. If the surface paper and the surface paper conveyor belt are similar in color, it can be solved by changing the belt color.


Main Feature

Automatic production line suitable for all kinds of rigid box

Fault diagnosis function

Automatically sucking the cover paper and feeding the cardboard

High-precision cam feeding system

Panasonic servo control system

Visual positioning system and machine grasping

Using Yamaha Robot

Adopt a new cycle temperature control gluing system

Using high-definition camera positioning

Can accurately locate the rigid box, cardboard, hardcover

Machine working process


Machine Parameters

Type LS-450puls
Paper size (max) L800*W600mm
Paper size (min) L135*W100mm
Box size (max) L600*W400*H120mm
Box size (min) L80*W65*H15mm
Hard cover (max) L750*W450mm
Hard cover (min) L150*W100mm
Paper thickness 100-350g/㎡
Paper stacking height 450mm/100kg
Working speed 15-45 sheet/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.1mm
Motor power 7.5kw/380v 3phase
Heating power 8kw/380v 3phase
Air pressure 10L/min 0.6MPa
Machine weight 2100kg
Machine dimension L5980*W3180*H2100mm

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