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Smart Mooncake & Computer & Watch & Gift Box Rigid Box Forming Machine

LS-F7 is a phone or other box making machine, the semi-automatic phone and gift box strapping machine is used for packing with adhesive wrapping paper. The length of the bending of the edge is about 10-100 mm, without changing the part. Double safety device ensures safety. Active locking device ensures data stability. Adjustable machines for 8 mins.
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LS-F7 Introduction

LS-F7 ist eine intelligente Formmaschine zum Formen verschiedener Himmels- und Erdkästen. Diese Maschine verfügt über die Funktion einer intelligenten Anpassung. Nachdem der Bediener die Kartonparameter eingegeben hat, kann die Maschine die Position des Kantenbretts automatisch anpassen, wodurch manuelle Eingriffe eingespart und die Qualität des Kartons stabilisiert werden können.


Machine Technical Parameters

Machine Model


Max box size(L*W*H)


Min box size(L*W*H)


Motor power


Working speed

≤20 pcs/min

Air pressure

10L/min  0.6MPa

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Machine Features:

1. This machine is a non-adjustable ear folding device, and the length of the ear folding is between 10-100 mm.

2. The machine has a double protection device, which makes it safer for the operator to operate the machine

3. The machine is equipped with a working locking device to ensure that the data size remains unchanged

4. The machine has non-adjustable wrapping settings up and down, bubble pressure design, and the machine can adjust the speed for 8 minutes.

This machine has received positive feedback from customers worldwide. Its advanced technology, high precision and high efficiency make it a popular choice for packaging and printing companies. Plus, its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls make it easy for operators to operate and maintain.

To sum up, the LS-F7 is a smart and efficient machine, specially designed to meet the needs of the packaging and printing industry. Its advanced technology, high precision, and high efficiency make it a popular choice for customers worldwide. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls, it is the ideal machine for companies requiring high-quality products with precise measurements and consistent performance.


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