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Universal Semi-automatic High Speed & Quality Rigid Box Making Machine

The LS-F6 perfume box uses a hard box machine to stick the self-adhesive paper to the plastic box. It can carry out side folding, side folding, side folding, inflating and other functions at the same time, and is suitable for packing various hard boxes, such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, perfume boxes, etc.
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LS-F6 introduction

LS-F6 has built-in double guide rails for smooth and continuous operation. Double safety device ensures safety. The movement of the work chair is controlled by a screw, which is easy and convenient. Mass production.

This machine is a forming machine for many kinds of boxes. The inner box and wrapper are carefully placed on the conveyor belt by hand, and the inserted carton is placed in the machine's wooden mold. The machine works automatically, and the box gluing, edge folding and foam pressing are completed at the same time.

It can produce up to 30 hard boxes per minute, which greatly improves the production efficiency of hard boxes and saves production costs. Since each process is mechanized, standardized production greatly improves product quality.


Carton forming has saved a lot of labor and cost for many manufacturers, and has also increased the production scale. It is one of the products that most manufacturers must choose.


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